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It's more than a list of Apps

Clever features to keep your stack in shape

One Page for every app in your stack.

From basic information like descriptions and links - to custom fields that adapt to your every need. Pages are flexible - add as much or as little you like.And they're easy to edit - so everyone can help keep your stack up-to-date.

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App pages

A search engine to navigate even the most complex stacks.

It's typo-tolerant, can search entire App Pages, it can find people related to apps, and lots more. Small and mighty - it takes care of the biggest problem with large stacks - finding apps that you don't know exist or what they're called.

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Preview of Search Engine Results


With everything in one place, you can easily unlock insights to finally tame your stack. We'll help you find apps in your stack that aren't used very often, apps that are used a lot, and how much your stack costs by department.

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Preview of Analytics Tools

But wait - there's more.

Packed full of features your team will love.
Works with 1st Party and 3rd Party Apps
Warning triangle
Send Notifications to an App's Users in One Click
Add 3rd Party Apps in Seconds using our 250+ Templates
Searchable Custom Fields
connection symbol
Slack Integration for Alerts & More
Favorite Apps
piggy bank
Spend Insights by Team & App
Read Access to Brodi's API
Coming Soon
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Single Sign On
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Tool Discovery via Github
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Available as part of the Enterprise Plan