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Apps in your company stack now have a place to call home. It’s Brodi.

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A Central List
Every app in your company stack in one place for your team to easily search in one go.
Time Savers

Find the people who can help with apps in your stack. Easily notify the right people of outages - and more.

Charts and graphs

Understand how your team interacts with the stack with insights to help find and reduce waste.

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Apps Belong Here

One page for everything — from the basics, to contract info and service availability.
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App Pages keep everything organized, searchable and in one place.

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Misadventures of the modern stack.

6 signs you’re in need of a stack management solution.
You have more than one app in your stack that do the same thing.
Your team spends hours searching for basic information.
You don’t know who uses which apps in your stack and when.
Compliance and security audits are a nightmare for your team.
You have no idea how much your stack costs.
Notifying the right people about outages is impossible.
We surveyed employees across six industries and the results are in:

Difficulty finding company apps is consistently ranked in the top three frustrations.*

Fewer frustrations makes for a happier team.

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Domain Experts

Helpful stack solutions brought to you by the people who get it.
Working across very different sized companies, we noticed one common problem. Each company had an enormous list of software to help them run, but not one person had an overview of that software.
That issue typically showed up in a number of ways:
  • Teams purchased the same software more than once
  • People had no idea who used each service or piece of software
  • Finance teams had no understanding of the total cost of the stack (by department, or by team)
  • Legal teams couldn't keep track of which software to check for compliance
  • Employees had no idea where to go for help when something went wrong and wasted hours each time
There were always exercises to curate lists of the company's stack. These lists usually ended up in spreadsheet-hell - never maintained or kept-up-to-date.

Understanding these problems first hand, as well as how much time and money they cost, we built Brodi. The one of a kind home all the apps in your company Stack.

We've built dozens of smart features to create the first high-level view of your Stack with actionable insights. Try them out free for thirty days.

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* A finding from employee interviews across six industries revealed thatFinding Service and Tool Information was among the top three frustrations.

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